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Branding changes from digital influences

Branding and Being Branded in a Digital World

Branding changes from digital influences Companies can no longer create and control their own branding in today’s digital landscape. At a time when people form opinions of websites in ten seconds or less, and where they have social media, social networks, forums, email and complaint-focused websites to share their thoughts, centralized control no longer exists. Branding now happens in multiple […]

The Five Most Important SEO Factors 1

Important SEO factors have changed in recent years SEO has changed dramatically in the last ten years as Google continues to expand and refine the ways in which it determines search results. There have been literally hundreds of additions to the important SEO factors they incorporate and consider. At the core, Google wants to return the most relevant and actionable […]

The five most important SEO factors to work on for improved ranking

effective digital marketing strategy for 2017

2017 Digital Marketing Strategy –
Six Most Important Questions to Answer

Effective strategy requires deep understanding Building an¬†effective 2017 digital marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of your market and your customers; clear, measurable goals; and sufficient resources to execute with. The questions below get you started in gathering and reviewing information about your market and your customers. You’ll want to dig deeper – the broader and deeper your understanding, the […]

Six Questions to Developing Your Unique Value Proposition

Keeping your hands on the handlebars Launching a product or service without being clear on your value proposition is like pedaling a bicycle with your hands off the handlebars. You may be going forward, but it’s a real balancing act (pun intended) to steer your bicycle, much less adjust your direction. It’s more likely that you’ll go off-course than reach […]

unique value proposition